Behind The Screen

    Beauty is where you find it.  As I have moved into the golden years, I have found beauty in the grandeur and wide skies of the West, the innocence and sparkle of grandchildren, and most of all, in the devotion of a loving wife.  But many years ago,  I also found it on a closet shelf as I rummaged through Mother's things after her death.  It was obvious that Rebecca Brackin's post card collection was special.

    My mother and her sister, Mildred, had known their little cousin, Reba, before they were teenagers, and they were among those who sent her the many cards she collected.  But by the time I came on the scene, Reba was long gone and her mother, Florrie, was a pathetic, shriveled old widow who lived alone with her memories.

    It has been my pleasure to post all of Reba's post card collection here on the internet for everyone to view and enjoy, just as Reba and her mother would have wished.


Gordon A. Rampy

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