Palatine Roots 

    The four maps which appear below (as links) are the result of the author's efforts to locate, as precisely as possible, the various properties which were granted to the Palatine immigrants of 1764-65. The process by which the placements were made was as follows:
     Copies of 94 original Palatine land plats were obtained from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History In Columbia. Each is quite legible and includes a scale drawing of the property, dimensions, bearings, ground features, identification of neighboring landholders, if any, and the name of the stream on which it bordered.
     The drawings were copied, cut out, and then placed in position with respect to known neighbors. In this way it was possible to assemble groups of properties with the lots in proper relationship to each other, and to show a clearly defined course for the stream on which they were situated. Unfortunately, it was not possible to connect all of the plats with neighbors, but several large groupings were assembled.
     The final step in the process was to copy the plats xerographically, while at the same time reducing them to the scale of the U. S. Geological Survey topographical maps of the area (1:24,000). The copies were made as transparencies. Since each plat, or group of plats, could be oriented with respect to the compass, It was possible to match most of the groups with the corresponding stream course on the topographical map.
     The process was quite successful for the settlements along Hard Labor Creek, Cuffeetown Creek and Horsepen Creek, although in the latter instance it appears that a major change has taken place in the location of the stream bed. But In the south, on the branches of Turkey Creek, there was very little success, due either to substantial changes in the streams or their names.


View the four groups of land plats at the following links:

1. Land Grant of Johan Nicholas Rempi, Horsepen Creek, 1765.  (Also Weiser and Wilhelm.)

2. Palatine Land Grants on Cuffeetown and Horsepen Creeks, 1765.
    (Keiss, Keiss, Hen, Hen, Straum, Gradwahl, Hamel, Straum, Metzer)

3. Palatine Land Grants on Cuffeetown Creek, 1765. (Five mi. south of Callison, S.C.)
    (Weber, Knabb,Knabb, Weidman, Knabb, Knabb, Seiler, Rupert)

4. Palatine Land Grants on Hard Labor Creek, 1765. (Near Bradley, S.C.)

    (Zimmerman, Zwilling, Keiss, Fritz, Zinman, Bauer, Zang, Erlbeck, Mark, Mark)


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