Palatine Roots 
The Rampys in Germany

Johan Andreas Rempi
Record found in State Records of Emigration out of the Palatinate (Pfalz),
in Stadtarchiv Kaiserslautern, 6750 Kaiserslautern, Benzinostrasse 6:

from Zweibrucken to Nova Scotia, 1751, 40 years old.
information from Prof. Punch of Canada.
Researchers: Elizabeth A. Kieffer
W. L. Grenoble, Falls Church, VA (Died 1984) 534-5044
Ref.: Vol. 49, p. 5 "Pfalzer in Amerika", 1894.
From Church records, Landau, Germany:
Marriage - Husband, Johann Andreas Rempe (a potter)
26 August 1727  Father,  Johann Paul Rempe of Meisenheim (a handyman)
Mother, Anna Catherine Bohreit (or Breidt)
Wife,  Maria Magdalena Speissert
Father, Theobald Speissert (a baker)
Mother, Anna Maria Dressler (?)

Children of Johan Andreas Rempe born in Landau:
Maria Magdalena Rempi, chr. 22 March 1728
     Sponsors ("Taufzeugen"): Capt. Lt. Lutzenberger, Swiss Regiment
     Maria Magdalena Breidt
Johan Nicolas Rempe, chr. 16 August 1729 (to S.C., 1764)
Anna Maria Rempie, chr. 5 September 1730
Anna Barbara Rimpi, chr. 9 April 1736 (to Nova Scotia, 1751.)

From Gunter Anthes, Meisenheim, Ger.:
Father - Johan Paul Rempi, b. 1673, d. 15 March 1724, a handyman
Mother - Anna Maria Katerina
Johan Michael (called Nichlaus), b. 28 April 1698, d. 6 July 1740
Maria Elisabeth, b. 1699, d. 1708.
Johan Georg, b. 1707, d. 7 February 1712
Johan Andreas, b. 1711 (not from Anthes) (to Nova Scotia, 1751)
Elisabeth Katerina, b. 27 June 1713, d. 1720.
From Churchbooks, Meisenheim:
Confirmation, Johan Andreas Rempi, September, 1721 (age 10 ? is very young) son of Paul, a "day laborer" of Meisenheim.
From Account of Nova Scotia Settlers, vol. 3, P. 16S. Film # 1421430:
RIMBIE, Johan Andreas (& Georg)
Pearl, 1751, Farmer, age 40, from Zweibrucken (i.e. Palatinate-Zweibrucken ("Dieux-ponts")). indebted for 4 freights, fL.283.10.0. Ship's list has the name as "Rimpi," but the man's signature on indebtedness list (quite a fair one) is either "Rimbie" or 'Rimbia".
Halifax Victuals List, Aug.-Oct. 1752 (list No. 3)- - Barbara, Casper &
Elizabeth Rungen (or Rumpen?) (identification of Rungen with Rimbie is
fairly confident by a process of matching & eliminating names on both
the Pearl's passenger list and the 1752 Vict. list.)

Marriage, 12 May 1752 - Marcus Godfried Lesly, bach., & Anna Barbara
Rimpen, spinster (Roll 5). Lunenberg - Mr. Money's Burial Register, 11 April 1795 - Georg Rimby, age 52 (perhaps identical with the Casper of the 1752 Vict. List. His name perhaps "Georg Casper".)
(In the 1964-5 Nova Scotia Directory the name "Rimby" is found at West
Dublin, and one "Remby" may be found in the 1964 Telephone directory.)
Township Grants, 30 June 1784 - Georg Rimby - 15 acres.

Miscellaneous (Nova Scotia):
Film # 962591 - Maria Barbara Rimpie, b. 12 January 1780, bapt. 17 January 1780.
Witnesses - Georg Adam Lesly, Ursula Lesly and Anna Barbara Spindler(?)
Parents: Georg and Anna Margaretha Rimpe

Film # 556211 - Will of Georg Rimby dated July 12, 1802. No info.

Johan Nicholas Rempi
1. Johann Nicholas Rempe, christened Aug. 16, 1729 in Landau
     Pfalz Stadt (The Palatinate, SW Germany).
Father: Johann Andreas Rempin (Occupation; potter)
Mother: Maria Magdalena Speissert
     They were married Aug. 26, 1727 in Landau.
Sister: Anna Maria Rempi, christened Sept. 5, 1730 in Landau.
Sister: Anna Barbara  Rimpi, christened Apr. 9, 1736 in Landau.
Grandfather (Pat.): Johann Paul Rempe of Meisenheim
Grandmother (Pat.): Anna Katherina Bohreit (?)
Grandfather (Mat.): Theobald Speissert (Occupation; baker)
Grandmother (Mat.): Anna Maria Dressler (?)
     Source: Mormon Gen. Library microfilm records, SLC, Utah.

Nicholas Rumpe, 34 and Catherine Rumpe, 39, his wife, arrived
Charles Town, SC Dec.16, 1764 aboard the ship "Union" (Capt.
Smith) from England. No children are listed , however, it may
be concluded from the subsequent grant of 200 acres that a child
of less than two years was with them. The Rumpes were part of a 
group of 300-400 "poor German Protestants".Under the protection 
of Capt. Patrick Calhoun, they were settled
on Cuffietown Creek 
in a township called "Londonborough" near an
earlier settlement 
of French Huguenots on Long Canes Creek.

For story of this group see: Hewatt, Alexander, The History
of South Carolina, 1779.

2. Military record.
Source: Roster of S.C. Patriots in the Revolution

Rambee, Nicholas - - "Served as a sgt. in the militia before
the fall of Charleston."
S.C. Audited Acct. No. AA 6222. Nat. Pension Claim No. S 637.
Source: Revolutionary Claims Filed in S.C.
Rambee, Nicholas - - Return No. 64, June 1785.
3. Land Grants in 1801.
Source: Index to Land Grants, S.C. 1784-1801
Film # 5341, Pt. 1: Gen. Index A-Z, Vols. 27-64 (Original at
Dept. of Archives and History, Columbia, S.C.)
Pt. 2: L.G. Vol. 14, 1784. Pt. 31: L.G. Vol. 47, 1800-1801.

p. 469 - - Grant to Nicholas Rampey 150 acres surveyed for Jas.
Seawright 14 Oct. 1784. "below the ancient boundary line
running NE by J. Seawright's land. other side vacant."

p. 470 - - As above, but for 130 acres "surveyed for Drury
Murphy 25 Sept. 1784 in the District of Ninety-six between
the ancient boundary line on Clave's (Cheves) Creek waters of the
Stephenses' creek bounded by a line running NE by Mathew
Debois's Land, NE-SE by James Butler's, NW by James
Butler's and Wm. Murphy. SW-NW by Leonard Marlborough,
SW by Jn. Dooley's, SE-SW by Dury Murphy's."  7 Sept. 1801
There is also a record of 200 acres being granted to Johann
Nicholas Remben on Horsepen Ck., near Londonborough, 1765.

4. From will of John Rampay, 1816:
Nicholas and Peter Rampey are Listed as executors with Jas.
Stiefle and John Lively. (This Nicholas is probably son of Peter.)

5. From will of Capt. Peter Zimmerman, 1796:
Nicholas Rambay is mentioned as a buyer of property from the
estate . Many of the Zimmerman family are Listed among the
arrivals on the ship "Union" in 1764.

     The following data were obtained from the International Genealogical Index in
the Mormon Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. In most instances,
the original churchbook record was copied and examined to provide additional
details. The surname was found under the following spellings: REMBE (3),
REMPI (10), REMPY (8), RIMBI (1), RIMBY (10), RIMPI (5), and RIMPY (15) in
the church records of the village of Meisenheim for the period 1710-1763. It
is assumed that all of these refer to the same family name, which, when
pronounced by a German, would sound very much like "Rampy" to an American.

(See notes below table.)

Husband / Wife  Marriage dt.
Children  Birth date
Conrad (Day laborer, straw binder, of
   Breitenheim)/Maria Magdalena

Paul /(Anna Maria Caterina) 

Joh. Phillip (Son of Georg (A,K)
   Rimpy of Reiffelbach)
1) Maria Angelica Gebert (M)
2) Barbara Edenborns (L) (Widow)

Joh. Jacob (Son of Heinrich Rimpy 
   of Becherbach)
1) Maria Catherine Steiner
2) Anna Christina

Joh. Nickel (Son of Paul Rimpy
   of Melsenheim)/Elisabeth Catherine
   Gruenwald (From Odenbach)

Joh. Peter (Son of Heinrich Rompy
   (B) of Becherbach)/Anna Margaret 
   Anthes (Weyels)

Jacob (Widower)
1) Catherina Barbara Quasten
   (Widow from Waldgrenweiler)
2) Maria Barbara (same as #1 ?)
3) Anna Barbara (same as #1 ?)

ca. 1711

ca. 1697







Magdalena Catherine
Anna Elisabeth Charlotta
Joh. Nickel (Joh. Georg)

Elisabeth Catherine

Elisabeth Margaret (K)
Anna Catherine
Anna Elisabeth (J)
Maria Margaret
Elisabeth Catherine
Sara Elisabeth

Johann (G)
Joh. Conrad (H)
Joh. Christoph
Maria Elisabeth
Joh. Nickel
Joh. Jacob
Susannah Christina
Maria Sara

Joh. Jacob 
Joh. Christoph
Maria Catherine (I)
Joh. Christian

Anna Maria (F)
Maria Sara
Joh. Jacob
Anna Elisabeth
Charlotta Margaret
Maria Catherine (C)
Phillip Peter (0,P)
Joh. Nicholas

1) Joh. Peter (D)

2) Joh. Jacob
3) Anna Margaret









Notes pertaining to above table:

A.  Susannah Elisabeth Rimpy, confirmed 1713, m. Jacob Bernhard 1/14/1716.  Dtr. of Joh. Georg Rimpy from Reifelbach.
B. "Einwohner" = an inhabitant with limited rights.
C. Witness: Jacob Rimpy, Meisenheim.
D. Witness: Peter Rimpy
E. Joh. Peter Rimpy, b. 1/14/1736 to Maria Margaret Rimby, dtr. of Peter Rimby.
F. Witness: Anna Maria, dtr. of Jacob Rimby of Odenbach.
G. Witness: Abraham Wilhelm, line weaver, and Peter Rompy.  (The Wilhelm family is related to the Rempis by marriage.  See H. Z. Jones.)
H. The parents are from Breitenheim.  Witnesses: Conrad Rimpy from Reifelbach and Agnus (?) Anthes from Breitenheim.  (The Anthes family of Breitenheim and the Rempi family are related by marriage.  I met Herr Anthes there in 1987.  GAR.)
I. Witness:  Caspar Rimpy.  (The name Caspar Rimpy appears in the Nova Scotia records.  See above at "Johan Andreas Rimpie.")
J. Confirmed 1737, age 16.
K. Married Friederich Funck, 10/21/1738, son of Peter Funck of Callbach.  She is the dtr. of Phillip Rempys, local official from Schmittweiler.
L. Joh. Phillip is a local official and widower from Schmittweiler.
M. Maria Angelica Rimpy, confirmed 1737, age 15.  She is probably a dtr. of Peter b. 9/4/1722.
N. Maria Margaret, b. 11/25/1760 to Carl Wilhelm Rimpy and Anna Elisabeth.
O. Joh. Jacob, b. 12/1762 to Phillip Rempy and Catherine Anthes.  Also, Phillip Jacob, b. 8/25/1765 to Phillip Rempy and Catherine Anthes.
P. Charlotta Rempi, dtr. of Phillip Rempi from Breitenheim m. Joh. Jacob Schiel, son of Jacob Schiel from Hundsbach 8/11/1762.


     A careful analysis of the records, including those of the Paul Rimpy family and the Wilhelm-Rimpi family, suggests that all of the Rimpys in the Meisenheim are have a common ancestor in the father of Paul, Georg, Heinrich and Elisabeth, and that his name is Christian Rimpi.  These four are clearly contemporaries who were all married within a period of about seven years (ca. 1690 to 1697) and lived within four miles of each other.  Thus the following speculation, which must be proven by a search of the churchbook records from Gangloff, Medard or Meisenheim:

Note:  In place of the originally published table showing the family of Christian Ruempi I here present updated information based on later research.  This table follows Christian from his roots in Haefelfingen, Switzerland, to Ixheim, Zweibruecken, Germany, and finally to the Meisenheim area of the Palatinate (Pfalz).  (G.A.R., 2001.)

Johan Christian Ruempi
b. 14 October 1632, Haefelfingen, Baselland, Switzerland
m. Margaretha Sonnenberg, 14 November 1654, Ruemlingen, Baselland, Switzerland
d. 1677-1694, Meisenheim area, Pfalz, Germany

Children of Christian Ruempi

Name Jacob ? Anna 
d.o.b. ca. 1660 1664 1666 1668 1670 1672 1677 ca. 1678
Place Switz.? Ixheim Ixheim Ixheim Ixheim Ixheim Ixheim ?

The children of Johan Paul Rempi and Anna Maria Catherine Bohreit were:
   Joh. Nickel, 1698, Maria Elisabeth, 1699, Johan Georg, 1707-1712, Johan Andreas, 1711-1752 (Nova Scotia, 1751), and Elisabeth Catherine, 1713-1720.

The children of Johan Andreas Rempi and Maria Magdalena Speissert were:
   Maria Magdalena, 1728, Johan Nicholas, 1729 (South Carolina, 1764), Anna Maria, 1730, Anna Barbara, 1736 (Nova Scotia, 1751), Elisabeth, ca. 1742 (Nova Scotia, 1751), Georg, 1743 (Nova Scotia, 1751).

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