Palatine Roots 

     It has not been my purpose to trace the various descendants of our common ancestor up to the present day. Others have undertaken that tedious endeavor and will no doubt soon make the results of their labors available to all of us.  However, it is my hope that the reader will find this account of our family origins interesting and informative, and that it will serve to shed some light on the matter of who we are.
     While the efforts of a great many members of the Rampy family have been utilized in the preparation of this narrative, I want to especially thank Edward W. Rampy, Joe D. Rampey and Mrs. Margaret d'Arazien for their contributions and encouragement.
     I apologize for the errors and omissions which the reader may encounter, and encourage him to make them known so that perhaps a more accurate and complete account of our family origins may be produced at some time in the future.

G.A.R., 1988
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